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  • Anti-ageing Facial Pad System
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IMPRESS Anti-Aging Facial Pad System


Product Description

www.impressbiz/merinousa  IMPRESS® Anti-Aging Facial Pad Program is something I have been looking at for over 15 years.  The process is so simple!  That is what I love and it is effective.  Robert and Janie from RX Skin Clinic are the ones I have sent customers to for years to help with extreme facial skin problems.  I love this new product and I get even more compliments on my skin...and I've used good Merino for many years!!  Still love all of the Merino products, but this is an incredible addition to your skin care regime!  You can order directly from us or for a little discount you can order directly from our Merino/Impress site.  We still get credit and you get a little better pricing.  www.impressbiz/merinousa  We are happy to fulfill your orders though!

Introducing Impress®. A simple, affordable, results-driven, one-minute, anti-aging skin care system that makes it look as if you spent hours on your skin. With Impress®, the hassle of a lengthy skincare routine is a thing of the past. Yet the visible results of the one-facial-pad-per day Impress® skincare system are so apparent. It’s a great alternative to expensive laser treatment.

No other product on the market provides all of the necessary anti-aging formulas in one convenient package. Impress® provides the three necessary formulas in one box, each on separately sealed disposable pads that fit easily over your fingertips for effortless application. Three unique formulas, one pad per day, it’s genius! Each of the 3 pads contains a different and unique formulation critical to the anti-aging process to firm, lift, even coloration, brighten, exfoliate, rejuvenate and protect ALL IN ONE EASY STEP PER DAY!

CLICK ON THIS LINK TO READ MORE... www.impressbiz/merinousa

Product Videos

Impress Skin Care (04:24)
No product in the market provides all necessary anti-aging formulas in one convenient package. We provide all three in one box on three separately sealed disposable pads that fit easily over your fingertips for effortless application. Three unique formulas, one pad per day, it’s genius!
  • Impress Skin Care
    No product in the market provides all necessary anti-aging for...

Product Reviews For:

IMPRESS Anti-Aging Facial Pad System

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  1. WOW!

    Posted by Karen T. on 11th Apr 2017

    I was sent an email asking me to review my purchase. I've only used the product for six days, but I can already see that it is a very good product. The day after I used the first pad, PEEL & BRIGHTEN, it did just that. This pad, and the others, are not harsh. They are very easy to use. I can hardly wait to see my results after 28 days. I expect positive results and plan to reorder.

  2. Easiest Anti-Ageing system I've ever seen!

    Posted by C. Judge on 23rd Feb 2017

    I am a licensed aesthetician for nearly 20 years. I regularly apply the peeling pad from the Impress box of pads to my clients skin. Our office charges $125 to perform a chemical peel at our medical skin care clinic. My clients absolutely love the pads! After I apply the peel pad, the client takes the remaining box of pads home with them. You get 4 peel pads in each box, enough for a month of weekly salon level peels plus 12 collagen growing retinol pads and 12 soothing and protecting anti-oxidant serum pads. This is the most amazing easy skin care system I have ever seen! I no longer feel guilty recommending my clients buy one of those expensive 6-15 steps product lines. Now they have everything they need in one affordable and convenient box! One pad per day; you won't find an easier routine out there. This easily replaces tons of expensive products!!!

  3. Grand daughters like my new face!

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Feb 2017

    As a Guy, I recommend this product. It Great, has improved my facial skin...my grand daughters like rubbing my face, they say it is so smooth grampy thom...Highly recommend it.

  4. What a fantastic product!

    Posted by C.Z. on 23rd Feb 2017

    I am so excited you are caring the Impress facial pads. I have used this product for about a year. People always compliment me on my skin. That has never happened before in my whole life. I have given this a a gift to my sister and a few close friends. They have thanked me over and over, saying they get that same result of people complimenting them on their skin. I am glad you are carrying it because I can't always get to their office. What a fantastic product!!!

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