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All 5 Bee Venom Products

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Product Description

All of the new Alpine Silk Bee Venom products!  


Alpine Silk Bee Venom Moisturisers with New Zealand Manuka Honey, Rosehip Oil and Vitamins A & E is an intensive treatment than can help improve the smoothness of your skin and with the added benefits of rosehip oil, assists in reducing the appearance of fine lines. 

1) Key Ingredient Bee Venom • Bee venom is a natural skin plumper and has long been used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes in skincare.

2) Created by Nature • Nature knows best. Nature, in the form of the bee, has experimented and adapted over thousands of years and the result is the superb anti-bacterial ingredient called bee venom. • Venom from the bees is extracted by using a pane of glass which has weak electrical currents running through it. The current encourages the bees to gently sting the glass and release their venom which is then collected. During this process the bees are completely unharmed as they cannot penetrate through the glass and their abdomens remain intact.

3) Properties of Bee Venom • The main benefit of bee venom is the way it simulates a bee sting. This helps the circulation of blood and the production of collagen and elastin which enhance the skin’s elasticity and help delay the signs of ageing • Bee venom has an abundance of melittin and is its most active component. Melittin helps combat harmful bacteria and viral infections to promote healthy skin. • Bee Venom contains more than 18 natural substances that only exist in nature and cannot be chemically reproduced. Among these are melittin, dolapin, and apamin which contain potent therapeutic properties that are used in treating arthritis, chronic injuries and scarring.

4) Paraben Free • This Alpine silk Manuka Honey is completely Paraben Free.

5) Other Key Ingredients • Vitamin A or retinol stimulates skin regeneration and causes your skin to grow faster. • Vitamin E which is a powerful anti-oxidant, for anti-ageing, moisturising healing and skin regeneration. When light, pollution or smoke affect your skin they generate free radicals. These damage the protein material and DNA in your skin. Vitamin E soaks up free radicals before they do damage to your skin. This is why it is so good and used in anti-ageing crèmes. It also assists in preventing dryness and wrinkles.

• Collagen is the main component of the connective tissue found in our skin. It is a naturally occurring group of proteins which when applied to the skin in the form of a cremè helps to firm skin and retain moisture. • Evening Primrose Oil is from the seed of the evening primrose plant. Evening primrose oil is used for skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

• Rosehip Oil Is extracted from the seeds of a wild rose bush. It can help a variety of skin conditions, including dermatitis, acne and eczema, for mature and sun burnt skin as well as brittle nails and wrinkles. Rose hip oil is also frequently used to heal scarring and diminish photo-aging and uneven skin tone.

• Royal Jelly is a thick substance secreted by honeybees to feed queen bees and is rich in amino acids to keep the skin firm and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Royal jelly is a natural moisturiser but it also normalises the fat secretions of skin glands to reduce oiliness.


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