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Burn Survivors...who knew?

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You just never know who you will meet and who you might help when you put yourself out there...

Years ago, when I was peddling skin cream out of the back of my old El Dorado Cadillac at the Swap the middle of the desert, a woman walked up to me and asked for some samples for her husband.  She gave me no real reasons why she wanted the samples.  I gladly put some together for her, she thanked me and went on her way.

A couple of weeks later she found me again at the infamous swap meet in the middle of the desert with her husband in tow.  Her husband had been burned over 90 percent of his body from an electrical explosion 10 years previous.  I had not encountered anyone with such bad wounds and skin grafts and I really didn't even know how our products might work for them.  

Mr. Gluth had been looking for some thing to heal his lips for over 10 years.  When someones lips are severly burned or even burned off, they basically fold the inside of the mouth out to make the lips.  This skin is very hard to keep in good condition.  I had given his wife a sample of our lip balm and he tried it for two weeks.  His lips healed!!!  He was so thankful, amazed, etc., etc. and so was I!!! 

The other wonderful thing that worked for him was our Lanolin Skin Cream.  They live in Minnesota in the winter time and the weather can be so drying to the skin...especially for someone who is covered in skin grafts.  They took our lip balm, Lanolin skin cream and Lanolin soap home with them and began the regime.  The next thing I heard was that this was the first winter and year he had spent with absolutely no cracking in his skin.  Normally in the wintertime he would have long painful cracks up and down his arms and legs from the grafts drying out.  Hallelujah.  

His story was told to his surgeon Dr. Lynn Solem, who was the chief of surgery at then St. Paul Ramsey Burn Center, Minnesota.  Dr. Solem called me and we've been friends ever since.  He has become one of our biggest advocates when it comes to those with burn/skin graft situations.  This was the first year I was able to attend the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors and their families...what an honor and privilege!

Here is a link to a recent article I thought you'd enjoy:

and to the Phoenix Society -

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