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Eczema anyone???

Posted by

Here are a couple of testimonials dealing with Eczema.  I've seen so much of it over the last 23 years and have had amazing results with our products.  #1 Use the Lanolin Skin Cream everyday, 2) Use our Lanolin Soap, 3) Use the Lanolin Oil or Crack blaster for cuts or open areas:

One day while working at the Minnesota State Fair, a young lady in her twenties came over to me an flopped her hands on our counter and said "can you help me?  My Dad is a top dermatologist here in town and has been trying to get rid of my eczema for years.  Nothing has worked.  PS...he's over there hiding under his hat across the aisle."  

Well, I told her how to use the products and handed her what she needed.  Two years later she came back with a huge smile on her face..."It worked and lasted so long I haven't had to come back for more...and I had babies...and I'm so thankful!!!  Short story worked...look at my hands!"  

The following is her Dad's testimonial:

"My daughter has suffered with eczema for many years. About 6 years ago, we happened upon Judy's Merino Skin Care booth at the Minnesota State Fair...certainly not expecting to find something that would actually work for her skin condition and give her some relief. Not only did the Merino products relieve the eczema symptoms, I was so impressed I had all of my staff try the products and we have been recommending them to our dermatology patients ever since! I like the product."
Dr. John Bergman, Dermatologist Minneapolis, MN


My name is Tammy Messorole and I am writing to tell you how well your Baby Merino products work. My family and I was visiting the Mesa Swapmart on Saturday December 23rd when I stopped by your booth. I asked if your baby products worked on eczema and you said yes. My five month old daughter had many patches on her head that were very noticeable. I bought the Bath Essence and Skin Lotion to try. I am sending you a picture from December 24th and one from December 25th to show my daughters improvement in less than 48 hours.

As of today (Jan. 19th) my daughter's eczema is gone. Thanks so much for your products. I only wish I had your products when I was a young girl suffering with eczema.

Tammy Messorole

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