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Childhood Eczema, Eczema period...let's stamp it out!

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‪#‎Childhood‬ ‪#‎Eczema‬ scratch or not to scratch? What a difficult question for a child. I have met so many of these kids over the last 25 years and each one about breaks my heart...but when they come back with huge smiles on their faces...well that is worth it all!!

‪#‎Kids‬ don't want mommy to put lotion on them because it stings!! Naturally...they've usually scratched themselves and now have open wounds amongst those patches of #eczema. On children we start with Delicate lanolin/vitamin e oil on the red and open areas. Doesn't burn! Next we apply our lanolin cream around the open areas and slather it all over the rest of the body. Do this everyday and especially after bathing. If you can do it twice a day for awhile...would be good. After a couple of days and sometimes overnight, you can just use the cream by itself everywhere. Our lanolin lip balm is also excellent in moist areas like the crook of the arm. Kids can carry a tube of cream and lip balm in their backpacks to school. Lots of the soaps in schools can be harsh so the kiddos are prepared. The only soap I would use in the bath would be our lanolin soap. We have an Eczema kit on our website: Hope this helps someone out there. If you have any questions feel free to leave one! Have a wonderful evening and week.

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