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The Beginning...

The origin of Merino® skin care dates back to 1980 when in a small family owned chemist shop owned by Pharmacist Chris Martin, MPS in Whangamata, New Zealand the first Merino® creme was formulated.

New Zealand’s rugged South Island is home to the Merino sheep which produces the world’s most sought after natural fibre as well as nature’s finest skin care ingredient - Lanolin.

The natural oil in sheep’s wool is an exceptional moisturiser, soothing skin cells and providing a protective barrier against the elements. Lanolin oil is extracted from the wool, refined and used as the foundation for our unique range of crèmes and lotions. Merino Lanolin Skin Care is the natural way to look after the health and beauty of your skin.



Dr Chris Martin had always been passionate about the moisturising and regenerative properties of lanolin but despite this had never found a specialised lanolin moisturising crème.

So with the passion of his convictions coupled with his desire to help his local customers he set about experimenting and trialing manufacturing his own créme. With a scientific background and over many months he finally perfected the closely guarded recipe Merino® Lanolin Skin Care.

Initially with the help of his family, the créme was made in large homemade vats at the back of his chemist shop. Later as Merino® skincare became more widely known and was extensively exported the manufacturing base was shifted to a modern manufacturing plant in Auckland New Zealand where it still remains.

Since then the interest in Merino® Lanolin products has grown and spread, from its small beginnings, to meet the ever increasing demand from customers the world over. The vision and commitment of Chris and his family to care for the needs of people continues to this day. Merino® is proud to develop and provide effective, fine quality skin care products to help you enjoy beautiful, healthy skin.

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