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Below are the products that we have suggested through the years to our customers with skin care concerns due to cancer treatment.  Many of the uses that we have discovered have come from our customers and their own discovery during treatment.  I hope this will help you or the ones you love.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me personally.  Take good care, Judy  

Cancer Skin Care Suggestions Include:

1) Lanolin Skin Cream Pump...this cream keeps the skin in good condition helping to hold moisture in the skin and to prevent extreme dryness when patients are undergoing chemotherapy treatments, radiation treatments, surgeries and reconstruction. Lanolin gives the skin flexibility and therefore helps tremendously with these procedures.

Women who have had or are undergoing breast reconstruction can slather the lanolin cream on the breast tissue to help it stretch properly and to keep skin from itching. When breast is being pumped up there is an initial tightness that can cause uncomfortable itching...the lanolin will help to reduce this drastically.

2) Lanolin Lip Balm...a fantastic product to help keep the lips from cracking and splitting from the extreme dryness that can occur from the above procedures. Many keep it by their bedside in order to coat the lips at night giving a protection from saliva that may drool from the mouth during sleep.

3) Delicate Skin Oil w/Vit. E...this has been an excellent product for many things. Those going through radiation treatment have told us that they use it right after treatment. It completely calms the skin and restores elasticity. It is often used with the lanolin cream. The Delicate Skin Oil is excellent for severe burns. The E is extremely healing. Also, the Oil is perfect for scar tissue immediately after surgery. It helps to soften and break down hard scar tissue and to fade scars.

4) Lanolin Soap. Using a non-drying soap keeps more of your own moisture in and you will not find the tight skin feel afterward. Always follow with Lanolin Skin Cream.

5)  Collagen/Aloe Vera Body Treatment...because this product includes Lanolin, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Marine Collagen and Marine Elastin, it helps the skin to stretch and heal.  This product has been particularly helpful under the arm area where Lymph node removal has taken place.

6)  Collagen Cream Facial Moisturizer w/spf 30+...of course this product is used for protection.  I have personally used this facial moisturizer for 10 years.  It not only hydrates and moisturizes your skin, but it also has the best sun screen protection...micronized titanium dioxide.  Also, it will not sweat off and drip into your eyes...and burn.  Many derm. doctors have expressed to me that the spf products that come from Australia and New Zealand are superior.  Australia is #1 in skin cancer, New Zealand #2, and where I live Arizona is #3.  Our Merino Collagen Cream w/spf 30+ is spf rated in Australia!  This can be used on Men, Women and Children.

7)  Aloe Vera Gel...our aloe vera gel is 97% pure aloe extract...this fact is very important.  You can get a bottle that says 100% aloe vera gel and it may contain minuscule amounts of pure aloe extract.  Legally you can put one drop of aloe extract into a bathtub of water and call it "100% aloe vera gel".  So not all work the same.  Merino Aloe Vera Gel does not contain alcohol or fragrance and is ph balanced for your skin.  It is extremely calming for those that have undergone radiation therapy.  Also, good for itching...I always suggest the skin cream #1 for dry skin.  Aloe is a helpful additive, but not the solution for overall dry skin.



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