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I have used Gerda Spillmanns Bio Fond sponge-on cream makeup for five years. I have never found anything that remotely touches its quality in extended wear and coverage without something damaging my skin. Believe me quality skin care is especially important in my career and every day activities. I get many great comments on my makeup - basically how healthy and flawless that it makes my skin look. I always think of my makeup as my little secret & I dont leave home without it. Thank You Gerda Spillmann, Denise D.

I live in a most hot & humid climate and most of the time I look like you can wring me out like a wet washcloth, but not my face! Bio Fond Foundation stays put and fresh looking regardless of the weather! No streaks running down your face with this makeup!

Ten years ago, a friend who owned a hair salon recommended Bio-Fond Cream Makeup. I had not heard of Gerda Spillmann or her cosmetics but I bought the makeup because my friend recommended it. I cant put into words how much I loved this makeup. Even strangers complimented my skin and asked what kind of makeup I was wearing. Unfortunately, I lost touch with this friend several years ago and have been hanging onto an empty makeup compact for ten years wondering how I could get more. Tonight, while telling my eleven year old daughter about how I loved this makeup but didnt know how to get more, it dawned on me to try to look up the information (found on the back of the compact) on the Internet. I was amazed to actually find this web site! Of course I placed my order right away! Thank goodness for Internet! I just wish I would have thought of it a lot sooner. Thanks!!! Arleen C.

Thank you for this opportunity to say what a great product this is The BIO FOND MAKEUP I cant seem to find the products anywhere I feel like a much younger woman when I use the makeup. It has the coverage I want and need. If I can buy this over the internet---PLEASE let me know--Its simply the best--Thank you THANK YOU-- JEAN

All of the products are wonderful, but Hydro-Pearls is like spring all year round to your face. Anyone who has never tried it should! It does wonders under the Bio-Fond. Your face is smooth as silk. I have never tried a Gerda product I didnt like and I dont think you will either. Thank you, Sherri

I have rosacea and this is the only foundation that will cover the redness and stay put. I too live in a hot humid climate. Believe me when I say have tried about everything out there. Skin care and make-up you could say is a vice for me I am a product hog, but will never buy any other foundation again.

I love your foundation. I have oily skin and ever since Ive used your foundation, my skin looks flawless, natural and non-oily. I will never use any other foundation. Thank you for producing such a great product. Aloha, Mona

I received a sample of your foundation and it has to be the greatest foundation I have ever used !! There were no streak marks and it stayed on all day. it didn´┐░t feel heavy like all the other ones I have used. My face had such a glow to it. And it hid all my large pores and age spots to. WOW!!! I just have to have all of your wonderful products. Thank you, Debbie

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