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LATEST....  "Your 'crackblaster' is AMAZING. I usually have cracked and bleeding heels all summer and after 1 week of using it, they look and feel great! The gal that does my pedicures even asked how they are so soft!!! LOVE this product!! Thank you!!" K. B. 

I wanted to thank you for the samples I received at the recent quilt market on the Arizona Fairgrounds. I used them for three or four days and saw amazing results so I immediately purchased the Lanolin Skin Creme and the Everyday Balm. I have gone to two dermatologists and had numerous prescription creams for my cracked and pealing fingers and nothing worked as fabulously as these. Thank you for such great products. Raynelle Duhl

Picked up my 1st Jar while visiting NZ several years back. Came back with a supply of gift to several friends and family. So glad to find a US source.Was wondering if I could have a list of ingredients in the Basic lanolin cream. I'm a nurse, last winter somebody at work was talking about how bad their hands were, as they held out their very dry hand. At 54 yrs young, I am one of the older ones. I held out my hand and it really was a holy cow moment which prompted the question, "What do you use?" Now multiple people are using lanolin.

Let me begin by telling you how much I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your products!! I live in Minnesota where our winters are brutally dry and I am also a healthcare worker in a hospital. Between the dry cold climate and the hundreds of hand-washings a day my hands are ravaged with eczema. They dry out, crack and sometimes even bleed because they are so damaged. I have been trying to find relief for this problem for about 3 years now and nothing really seemed to help. My mom saw your booth at the state fair and tried your cream and thought of me immediately. When I went with her to the fair later that week I tried some and couldn't believe it. It doesn't immediately wash off, the softening effect lasts, and it isn't greasy! What a Godsend!! I bought the jar/pump combo and I will be a customer for life! This is the only product that has given my hands relief from their extreme dryness.

I believe in this product so much that I have been letting people try it at work and telling them about how wonderful it is and how great it really works. My friends keep telling me I should b be a distributor for your company since I advertise for you all the time, and usually one pump of your wonderful cream is enough to get them hooked. It was my understanding from the woman at the Fair that you have no midwest distributor for your hand creams. I am wondering if it is possible to work for your great company as I am truly stunned by how great your product is and believe in how well it works. It would be an honor to sell something that I believe in 1,000,000 percent. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help grow your company here in the midwest as I believe this product is so amazing it deserves worldwide recognition. On behalf of myself and my co-workers THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for such a wonderful product!!!

With Much Appreciation,
Allison Clark

I thought I would share an interesting discovery with you.  You may recall that I purchased a case of the large jars of Merino lanolin skin crème at the Minnesota State Fair last fall.  Shortly after I made this purchase, I went to my dermatologist to ask for a diagnosis of multiple dry patches of skin that simply would not go away.  To my dismay, I was diagnosed with a condition known as mycosis fungoides.  It seems that 5-10 people out of a million suffer from this condition and, while it is a skin lymphoma, in almost all cases it progresses very slowly.My dermatologist encouraged me to go to great lengths to keep ALL my skin as hydrated as possible as this effort would greatly reduce the risk of the mycosis fungoides accelerating into a more sinister form of the disease.  I had always used my Merino just to treat the dry skin on my hands and my face, but I had never used it to treat all my skin.I began to completely treat all my skin with the Merino lanolin 4-5 times per week as my dermatologist had instructed me to do.  The interesting discovery that I previously referenced was that by treating all my skin in this way, the chronic dry skin on my hands and face began to diminish more than when I just used the Merino lanolin on my face and my hands alone.  It seems that by making it easier for my body to keep all my skin moisturized, it reduced the chronic difficulties I have had that are specific to my face and my hands. My dermatologist was sufficiently impressed with my results that she ordered a jar to try out herself.  She believe it may be worthwhile to introduce Merino products to her other patients that are also afflicted with mycosis fungoides as well as other dry skin conditions.

Additionally, I plan to describe my discovery on a mycosis fungiodes website so that other folks that have this condition will be aware of my results and may consider the suitability of using Merino skin products themselves.Well, that’s all the news that’s fit to print on my end.  I will see you at the Minnesota State Fair again next summer!  Thanks, Joe MN!

Diabetic Testimonial Video - CLICK HERE

My name is Tammy Messorole and I am writing to tell you how well your Baby Merino products work. My family and I was visiting the Mesa Swapmart on Saturday December 23rd, 2002 when I stopped by your booth. I asked if your baby products worked on eczema and you said yes. My five month old daughter had many patches on her head that were very noticeable. I bought the Bath Essence and Skin Lotion to try. I am sending you a picture from December 24th and one from December 25th to show my daughters improvement in less than 48 hours.

As of today (Jan. 19th) my daughter's eczema is gone. Thanks so much for your products. I only wish I had your products when I was a young girl suffering with eczema.

Tammy Messorole

I have a son who suffers from the skin disease Icthyosis. Since he was an infant we have treated him with all sorts of lotions and creams. Both prescription and over-the-counter and many times a mixture of both. All of these treatments have had very limited success resulting in a very high emotional and psychological toll on the child.

Two years ago we were at the Mesa Swap Meet and saw your display of Merino products. Your representative gave me some samples of your -Lanolin Skin Creme- for my son to try. I am sure you can understand that I was not particularly hopeful and passed these on to my son with a -nothing to lose- attitude. Imagine my surprise when a few days later my son, with a big grin on his face, said -Mom, look at how good my skin is!- The improvement was dramatic! He has continued to use the Lanolin Skin Creme regularly and his skin has never looked this good. He is so much more confident and can finally wear shorts and short sleeved shirts without feeling self-conscious about his skin.

Not only is this creme effective but it is very economical since a little goes a long way. My only regret is that we did not find this product sooner, but we are both very glad we have it now and we thank you for that.

I have no reservations about your using this letter to encourage others to try your product since I am confident they will not be disappointed with the result.

Yours sincerely,

Rosemary Schwartz - Mesa, Arizona

I have been recommending Merino Products for skin care in diabetes for many years. I am a registered nurse and certified diabetes educator and work with large numbers of people who come to me with excessively dry and cracked skin associated with diabetes. Merino is the only product with which I have total confidence that major improvement will be made. My patients and I have both had the pleasure and satisfaction of seeing very serious skin problems turn around after only a few applications´┐░very often after only one! Of course I receive all sorts of samples of other products from the big national companies, but I have found nothing that even comes close to Merino in correcting the profound dryness which is common to diabetes. Merino is the only product that I can have complete confidence in.

There is something about Merino that seems to be formulated precisely right for my patients. And once they experience the good effects from it, they become proponents of it just like I am. In classes, I frequently hear testimonials from one patient to another about their improvements in skin health. I believe that amputations have been prevented because of Merino, and I wish I had a way to convey this to my colleagues in diabetes care across the country. And of course, I use it too, just as I include other aspects of healthy living with diabetes into my own lifestyle.

Sunnie Bell
National Diabetes Educator of the Year 1996-1997
Memorial Medical Center, Las Cruces, NM

On a recent vacation throughout New Zealand last year, I purchased a 500g NET jar of your MERINO LANOLIN SKIN CREME. I found it to be an excellent product and it solved problems with which I had been faced all of my life, but could not resolve.

Your Merino Lanolin Skin Creme aided in the cure of my cracked heels, where previous medications had failed. Your Merino Lanolin Skin Creme outperformed Prescription medications.

Thank you very much for your assistance in this matter.

Allen M. Hochstein

Thank you for the samples of Merino skin care. As it happens I have used this product for years, but everyone loves a freebie, which is why I sent for them.

I use the Merino Skin Creme for any dry skin problems on feet and hands, and also as a face cream especially in cold weather.

I first used it at least 15 years ago when a nephew recommended it as the only thing to cure cracks on heels. He was right, and I have used it ever since. After reading your product brochure, I purchased the low-allergenic soap and the lanolin and Vitamin E oil for my husband. He has a nasty scalp eczema which wont clear up. After four days of use, his scalp is looking much less angry, so we are hoping it continues to improve.

My mother is 86 and in a wheel chair with a type of muscular sclerosis; my father, at 88, is her caregiver. Mv dad particularly is weary, and it is hard to do anything for him that is effective. I recently thought of foot massage, so out came the Merino Skin Creme, and I give them both a weekly foot massage which they both adore. The benefits apart from the obvious of conditioning the skin, are many, and if I miss a week, while they don't fuss, when I get back to it, they comment that they -missed it last week-.

So thanks for the samples. And yes we find it a great product.

Yours sincerely,
Dianne Cullen Smith

I am writing just to let you know how delighted I am with your Merino Skin Creme. Professionally I see mostly dry and sensitive skins and personally - I have tried every product on the market, both expensive and inexpensive, especially on the intensely dry area of feet (heels especially) and hands. Areas so dry on many people they result in cracking and bleeding - particularly the index finger and heels. My hands used to do exactly that. But since using Merino Skin Creme the last few years -continuously- I am experiencing my fourth winter without any discomfort. My hands are in better condition today than 5 years ago. They feel and look softer, smoother and the backs of my hands look much younger than before I commenced using Merion. Not only myself but many others (clients and friends) have genuinely noticed a marked improvement since using your creams. I tell everyone - keep one in the car to apply at the lights and keep several at home (the kitchen -bathroom- next to your armchair and apply while watching TV and of course next to the bed-) that is where I apply mine last thing at night on my feet and hands - so they can repair while I sleep - I and others have found that so very beneficial.

By using Merino at home as part of their personal maintenance plan - they can really see and feel the results. So you have really brought relief to many people with your excellent product. Merino Skin Creme really does show results at an affordable price.

Thanking you
Sharon Davies
Beauty Therapist to a very discerning clientele.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with a type of eczema on my hands where they would be scaly and end up with open sores and bleed. After many visits to a dermatologist and many different prescriptions, my hands still didn't clear up.

I happened to be in Arizona visiting the Mesa Marketplace Swapmeet and I passed by your booth there. The ladies asked me if I would like to try their Merino Lanolin Skin Cream. Of course, I was skeptical but out of desperation I bought a jar of each of the Lanolin Skin Cream and Lanolin Liquid Hand Soap and started using them faithfully many times a day. Miraculously my hands cleared up and softened up. When I discontinue using these products, they get bad again.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Merino!! You are a hand saver!! It also works great on my elbows and dry feet!!

Charlotte Proulx - used to have eczema!!!
Billings, Montana

Dear Sirs,

Girls are made of sugar and spice
But my hands and face just were not nice
They were indeed like wrinkled prunes
So rough and coarse my skin was doomed.

Husband Kevins hands were just like rasps
Even the cows we milk were heard to gasp
Tried several creams to no avail
All we could do was sit and wail!
Tried Merino Lanolin Cream
At last! At last! Our skins a dream

So please Sir tell me have you got
This miracle in a larger Pot?
200 grams goes nowhere fast
And we want our soft new skin to last
It works so quick and we love the smell
So a BIG pot please, we are sure it would sell

Yours faithfully
Tessa Morris
Tessa J Morris MRS
PS Am telling all my cow cockie friends about it!

Dear Judy,

I love the Merino line of skin products!! I've had Type 1 Diabetes for 27 years and have used dozens of products, but have never found anything that worked until Merino. I wear an insulin pump and test my blood glucose 8-10 times a day, and my fingertips used to be rough and calloused, but since using the Merino lanolin skin cream and the Delicate lanolin skin oil they are soft and smooth. Also, my feet are now in terrific condition, which is so very important for Diabetics.

I have been running the diabetes support group at Mesa Lutheran Hospital in Mesa, AZ for the past 16 years and have tried all of the products that have come across the board for our skin problems. I have not found anything as effective as Merino and I have been recommending it to all of my diabetic support group members and they love it too! Thanks so very much for coming my way!

Bettie Norgord
Dynamic Sharp Shooters Support Group
Mesa, AZ

Dear Judy,

I am a registered nurse who visited your country this winter while my son participated in the Gridiron games. Upon departure at the airport, I purchased your Merino lanolin skin cream and face lotion.

I live in the state of Nevada, in the high desert. The temperature ranges 90 degrees in the summer and as low as 40 degrees below zero in the winter. Your Merino products are the only skin care products I have found that will soften my cracked heels and moisturize my nursing hands without leaving them greasy.


Deborah Jensen

I was at the Minnesota State Fair this week and saw your booth in the grand stand. I talked to you about my husbands dry heels and bought some of your skin creme. I had a cold sore and you suggested your lip balm. WOW is all I have to say. You told me that it would heal fast. You were right. I was there Tuesday Aug 28 and by Wednesday it felt 110% better. Now on Friday it has shrinked so much it is incredible.

Thank you for your suggestion. I will keep your web site for future ordering.

Have a great Holiday Weekend.

Denise Fraher

My name is Roxanne. I am employed at VLH. I am a Medical Assistant. In assisting our Doctors with their patients I hear over and over highly recommended Merino products. One of our patients in the Wound/Ostomy Clinic is a retired physician. He highly recommends your product as well.

I am concerned about my dry skin on eyebrows and eyelids. Since Hysterectomy in 1995 still on hormone therapy have used everything under the sun to no avail. What would you recommend for the face? I am 51 years old and although worked hard for the small wrinkles around lips and frown lines, simply hate them. What do you recommend for that?

Thank you
Roxanne , MA

I had always suffered from small cracks on my finger tips especially during the very low humidity days. Since I came across Merion products on a recent tour to New Zealand the cracks have disappeared thanks to Merino Skin Creme. I live in very dry Arizona!!

My Mom is an RN, she bought some Merino lotion for me at a Diabetic seminar that you had a booth at because I am pregnant. I used the entire bottle. Also my sister-in-law also just found out that she is pregnant and she also wanted a bottle. I am now 7 months and still have not gotten any stretch marks on my belly. So she is hopping for the same... Thank you and we will both be ordering more =-) Debra


Dear Merino-

I love your baby products. My son (now 3 years old) has very sensitive skin and was allergic to Johnson & Johnson's Baby Products when he was a baby. I used other products and he would always have these dry spots and lines on his cheeks. I began using your products in February 2002 and I have never seen a line or dry mark since! I love your products and I love that I can see my sons adorable dimple without dry skin! THANK YOU!!

Amanda Gilbert, AZ

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