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"Your BIO FOND is the best Cream Foundation I have ever tried. The coverage is absolutely excellent! The product is very easy to apply. I highly recommend this product and will advise all my friends to start using your wonderful Foundation right away. I will continue to use your great product on a daily basis."

by Jeanie Hlinak


The Gerda Spillmann line started its development in the early 1940's in Switzerland and has been imported into the United States for over 20 years.

Early in its career, the foundation makeup was endorsed by leading hollywood makeup artists and is used extensively in the entertainment, TV, movie and video industry.
It is worn by some of the most famous faces in the world. From the national morning news shows, to the white house, to day-time soaps, to the evening sit-com, if you're watching TV you're seeing the beauty that is Gerda Spillmann foundation makeup.

Is BioFond foundation a cake make-up?
No. Bio Fond is a cream moisturizing make-up in cake form. It is designed to emulsify at body temperature. It provides a complete sun block, is waterproof and breathable, giving light, sheer coverage. It is the final step in proper skin care.

Will Bio Fond foundation clog my pores?
NO. Bio fond allows your skin to breathe. It will not clog pores due to the highly refined base.

"My skin is oily through my T-zone but is sensitive and dry elsewhere on my face. It's hard to find a foundation I like, this Bio-Fond I LOVE! It gives me medium-full coverage without feeling like I have anything on my face, never aggervates my acne prone areas or drys out my sensitive skin. A perfect balance of coverage, protection and moisture. I feel like the more I wear this foundation, the more it is actually helping to make my skin healthier and clearer."

You can't make a mistake with Gerda Spillmann foundation makeup. You'll appreciate the fine quality and love the results!


Hydro Pearls  - Primer for your beautiful Biofond Foundation...makes an excellent base and seals your moisturizer in. Apply just before your makeup (after moisturizer)...Works on all skin types and provides a smooth, satin finish.

Bio Blush- Crimson is one shade for every skin tone! Designed by leading Hollywood makeup artists, for on the set use. One shade with multiple uses. Use as a cheek blush, on lips for a natural look or as a protective base for other harsher long lasting lip colors. Gives a dramatic look when used as eye shadow. A little dab goes along way, use a little for an intense look, blend it out for a lighter natural look.

Apply lightly with a makeup brush or sponge. Start with a small amount on the cheek and blend upward. Bio-Blush Crimson was designed by leading Hollywood make-up artists to pick up natural skin tones and work on all skin shades from the lightest to the darkest. Has Bio-Fond consistency and coverage. One shade for all skin tones! Experiment & have fun!

Bronze Special Foundation - Use to warm up your normal base color...gradually go from Summer to Winter or Winter to Summer by mixing a little Bronze special into your winter color.  As a bronzer just add Bronze Special to the places the sun hits you and blend...(cheek bones, both sides of forehead, top of nose and chin!  You can do this also if you just want a little color and not full makeup coverage...I just love it!!!!

The dark shades of Bio Fond foundation are great eye shadows, eyebrows and contouring. Gives that natural look! Works great on sensitive eyes.

Apply highlight and shading with Gerda Spillmann Bio-Fond Foundation to enhance and add definition to your look!

Makeup artists use highlight and shading to minimize fullness under the jaw area, emphasize the cheekbones, or give the appearance of narrowing the width of the nose.

Highlight Your Best Features!

Highlight with light shades to bring features forward ￰ apply and blend.
￰ on brow bone
￰ center of the forehead
￰ down the bridge of the nose
￰ under the eyes
￰ wrinkles and creases
￰ middle of the chin
￰ on the curve of the breast

Shading & Contouring
Use dark shades to make areas of the face recede or appear smaller . . . like wearing black makes you look thinner!

CHEEKS  apply shading under cheekbones and blend, this creates a shadow, giving a slimmer look.

NOSE  apply shading to the sides and tip of the nose and blend out, this will narrow the nose.

CHIN, NECK and THROAT areas shade up under the chin and down the throat, this diminishes fullness, and makes the neck appear slimmer.

HAIRLINE and temples  to lengthen or shorten forehead.

EYES Apply Bio Fond foundation on eyelids as a base for eye shadow. Use darker shades as eye shadow.

EYELINER  moisten brush with Tonique sans Alcool and your favorite eye shadow. The Tonique will set the line, it will last all day and never smear.

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