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Why I chose Merino?

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Long ago I was plagued with extremely dry, alligator skin.  No matter what I put on my legs, an hour later they were alligator like again.  I tried everything and basically gave up.  One day in 1988 a friend gave me a large jar of Merino Lanolin Skin Cream.  I rubbed it on my whole body after my next bath and slathered it heavily on the infamous bikini line (which gave me fits of ingrown hairs no matter what I tried) after shaving.

The results were somewhat miraculous.  My legs were instantly soft and smooth and had this feeling I had never experienced...they felt like silk (later I discovered this was because of ingredient I had never heard of).  Also, my bikini line felt ingrown hairs.  Well, ok, this was great but "will it last?" was always the question.

The feeling lasted and never had I seen my bikini line without the red bumps, etc...amazing!  I didn't have to even apply anymore for a day...and my skin never became alligator like again.  I was blown, I mean blown away.

It's a longer story how I decided to sell this product...but the greatest thing that has happened along the way, I never expected...seeing Diabetic foot problems resolved, children with Eczema symptoms relieved, Psoriasis, Skin Grafts and Amputation skin concerns relieved, Breast Cancer and Cancer patients skin problems soothed...I could go on and on.  

In this journey it has become my passion to find good products that actually work and that can be afforded by as many as possible.  We won't add a product unless it has excellent, proven results...besides, who likes returns, and bad comments, etc.  We want to help others and that is the biggest most important satisfaction we get...and the reason we keep going! 

Thanks for your support and God bless you richly,  Judy

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